Glendale Community College Types of Unemployment Questions

Your answer has to be more than five(5) sentences for each question based on researched facts and logical analysis to earn the full credit.

1) Explain the difference among the seasonal, the frictional, the structural, and the cyclical forms of unemployment (2 points).

2) Differentiate among PPI, CPI and GDP DEFLATOR(2 points).

3) Define “natural rate of unemployment ” and “stagflation”. (2 points)

4) Compare Demand pull inflation and Cost push inflation. (2 points)

5) Is long term discouraged workers classified as “employed” or “unemployed” or not in labor force? Is it under or overestimate unemployment? (1 points).

Is Part-timer classified employed or unemployed or not in labor force? is it under or overestimate unemployment(1 point)

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