Westcliff University Conversion Ratio of The Debenture Economics Questions

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Maple Aircraft has issued a 4¾% convertible subordinated debenture due 3 years from now. The conversion price is $47.00 and the debenture is callable at 102.75% of face value. The market price of the convertible is 91% of face value, and the price of the common is $41.50. Assume that the value of the bond in the absence of a conversion feature is about 65% of face value. 

  1. In the absence of the conversion feature, what is the current yield and yield to maturity? 
  2. What is the conversion ratio of the debenture? 
  3. If the conversion ratio were 50, what would be the conversion price? 
  4. What is the conversion value? 
  5. At what stock price is the conversion value equal to the bond value? 
  6. Can the market price be less than the conversion value? 
  7. How much is the convertible holder paying for the option to buy one share of common stock? 
  8. By how much does the common have to rise after 3 years to justify conversion?

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