CSU Advanced Concepts in Environmental Safety Management Research Paper

Select a single radiation producing object (can be anything) that is a part of your life (social, personal, outside, inside, etc) and tell me what the object is that you selected. Then, explain what type of radiation is produced by the object (such as x-ray, gamma ray, radio, etc), state if the radiation is ionizing or non-ionizing. I will give extra credit if you state the electromagnetic spectrum frequency of the object you select. Finally, state one method that can be implemented to protect yourself (or anyone else) from the radiation produced by the object. If the object has protection already built into it, you can explain what that protection is as your method of protection. Example: I select a microwave oven as my radiation producing object. Microwave ovens produce non-ionizing radiation at a frequency of 2450 MHZ. One protective method used by the microwave oven is that it will automatically shut off the radiation when you open the oven’s door.

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