FIN 6466 CBE RU Trend Analysis and Financial Limitations Report

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Determine the financial sustainability of an organization based on trend analysis.


JC Penney is considering closing some of their locations. You work in the finance department and have only been with the company for the past two years. During a team meeting, your manager was asked how long the company has been declining financially. Your manager was not sure of the exact amount of time but decided that he wants to look for the exact point when the company profits took a turn for the worst financially. After the meeting, your manager asked you to produce a 5-year trend analysis to present in the next team meeting.


Create a white paper in which you explain trend analysis and financial limitations.

The white paper should address the following:

Explain trend analysis, limitations, and use in making financial decisions.

Evaluate financial trends based on JC Penney past data.

Develop a forecasting model using trend analysis in which increased financial suitability is shown.

Include analysis of the financial weaknesses and areas of financial opportunity.

Create a detailed recommendation to for how to strengthen the organization

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