Northern Virginia Community College Sociology Education Program Paper

Please follow the journal guideline found in Module 1.2 Journal to complete the assignment.

  1. Watch this 13 minute video segment from 60 Minutes on an innovative charter school in New York that is offering higher teacher salaries as a model for increased quality of education and student performance. NYC Charter School’s $125,000 experiment [Length 13:38] (Links to an external site.)
  2. Read the following article describing what tenure is.
  3. Consider the following concepts when viewing the video:
    • Classroom management
    • Structure of the environment
    • Tenure for teachers (good or bad?)
    • Criteria for retaining ‘good’ teachers at this charter school.
  4. After viewing the video segment, you are ready to write a journal entry. Using the four points I provided for you above, discuss how they are relevant in the video. Discuss whether or not a program like this one could work if implemented nationwide? Be sure to consider what works about this program and what does not work.

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