Park University Unit 4 Marriage and Family Annotated Bibliography

Unit 4: Assignment – Annotated Bibliography

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 55
  • Submitting a file upload


  1. Go to your favorite web browser and research 5 online websites that deal with a marriage and family research paper topic. (You are NOT writing a research paper here).
  2. Choose a topic that deals with marriage and family.
  3. Make sure you address every point in the rubric for each of your 5 websites.
  4. Use care in picking the 5 sites. You are NOT looking for someone’s personal opinion. Use Evaluating Internet Resources- Georgetown University (Links to an external site.) to vet your resources.
  5. APA must be used in your research paper.

4 pages

APA Resources

Due Date

  • By 11:59p.m., Sunday, CT

Unit 4 Readings and Materials

  1. Textbook Readings
    1. Required: White et al – “The Ecological Framework”
    2. Required: Ferguson: “Mothering from a Distance: Emotions, Gender and Intergenerational Relations in Filipino Transnational Families” “The Father as an Idea” “Out of Sorts: Adoption and (Un)Desirable Children” and “Consumption as Care and Belonging: Economies of Dignity in Children’s Daily Lives”
    3. Supplemental: Hammond et al: Chapter 10 (Links to an external site.)
  2. Lecture- Unit 4 Lecture

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