Southern New Hampshire University The Blue Sweater Persuasive Essay

Write 2 to 3 page persuasive essay based on The Blue Sweater. Please choose one of the following topics.

  • Discuss Ms. Novogratz’s approach to helping in the different communities she served.
  • Critique Ms. Novogratz’s approach to community development. If you could suggest changes to Ms. Novogratz in her community development work, what would you recommend?
  • Is Ms. Novogratz’s work a model for others or is it her personal journey and difficult to replicate to other situations?
  • What role do the stakeholders or important community members play in Ms. Novogratz’s projects? How does she view them and how integral are they to a project’s effectiveness?

essay should be double spaced, 11- or 12-point font and in APA format. 2-3 pages

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