Strayer University Age Discrimination in a Promotion Case Study

Please respond to the following in separate paragraphs:

  • Based on the case study Age Discrimination in a Promotion (pp. 87–88), identify three considerations that the Best Protection Insurance Company (BPIC) could include in the promotional process that it utilized to avoid future legal issues. Provide support for your rationale.
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    • Hello class,
    • They could include what the job is required to do and what work background they need to fill the position. They should promote who deserves it and works hard not someone knew. They should not ask someone to apply for a job that they do not know if they are the right fit just because they thought might be interested in the job, including Gus, and then met to consider the list of candidates. They said that no reason was giving why or why not the candidates were picked and everyone deserves to know why someone got the job over them. They will need to know what they can work on so when the next position opens they can apply and hopefully get promoted. We can not fix something if we do not know what we are doing wrong.

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