Week 8 Final Assignment

Foundations of History and Philosophy of Education


This course is designed to teach you to explore and think about not only the foundations of education but the real issues facing educators everywhere.  Therefore the final for the course has more of a practical application.

Pick 6 of the 12 Teacher Perspective sections from the textbook (They are listed below. Chapter 9’s topic was eliminated because of its role in a discussion forum assignment). Read the dilemma. Choose a side. Then support your 3-5 paragraph answers with content from the text, at least one video source, and at least one written source. Please make sure to list the question, your answer, and your sources for each dilemma before moving on to the next question.

Is “Abstinence only” the best sex education policy for schools to implement? Page 34

Is teaching manners a good use of classroom time? Page 63

Should teachers wear business attire to school? Page 92

Should teachers express their views on controversial topics in class? Page 132

Should teachers be required to take diversity training? Page 146

Should all students be bilingual? Page 177

Is retention better than social promotion for students? Page 215

Should Students Be Prosecuted as Sex Offenders for Sexting? Page 283

Does prepping for high-stakes tests interfere with teaching? Page 324

Should we abolish homework? Page 350

Should technology be used in every classroom? Page 386 

Textbook ISBN-13: 978-0132836722

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