FIN 382 DeVry Chicago Week 3 Financial Statements Strategies and Ratios Discussion

This assignment has 2 parts each worth 25 points! The choice of the type of company is up to you, but I will be going into the banking industry so it would be nice if the two companies could be banking related. Second portion is going to be in excel format, but written parts will need to be in separate word documents.

Company Selection, Background of Company, and Current Events—Week 3 (25 points)

  1. Choose your project companies (5 points): Two companies should be selected. Your selections must be publicly traded companies that compete with one another in the same industry. I encourage you to select the company you work for, or wish to work for, in order to learn more about the company and the industry. Please ensure to include the ticker symbol with the company name to ensure that is publicly traded on one of the stock exchanges. Ticker symbols can be found on Yahoo! Finance.
  2. Background of companies (10 points): Briefly discuss the products and services the business sells and the industry they are in.
  3. Current events (10 points): Research and discuss two current events within the last 12 months that are impacting the financial statements of these businesses.
  4. You will need to include APA in-text citations and a reference list of your sources or points will be deducted.

Please remember to submit your Week 3 Course Project assignment by Sunday, end of Week 3, 11:59 p.m. (MT). I will give you feedback to make sure that you are on the right track for this assignment. (25 points)

Financial Statements, Objectives and Strategies, and Ratios—Week 6 (25 points)

  1. Financial statements (5 points): Manually input the financial statements for 3 years (income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements) for your companies into your Excel spreadsheet. These numbers will be found in the company’s most recent year-end annual reports. Use Excel formulas as much as possible in your spreadsheet design. Complete separate worksheets for each company, but all your work should be in one Excel file.
  2. Business objectives and impact on the financial statements (10 points): Briefly discuss the current goals and objectives of each company and how they could potentially impact the financial statements. The objectives and goals can usually be found in the annual reports under CEO comments and business summaries.
  3. Relevant ratios and discussion (10 points): Briefly discuss 10 ratios you think are important to the analysis of your two companies. Make sure to include ratios from the different categories. In your Excel spreadsheet, create a worksheet that shows ratio formulas and calculates ratios for two most recent fiscal years for each company (i.e., current ratio for fiscal year 01, year 02). You do not have to have the ratios calculated yet but you will be comparing the ratios of each company to industry averages in the final project deliverable (10 points).
  4. You will need to include APA in-text citations and a reference list of your sources or points will be deducted.

Written content should be completed in a separate (Word) document.

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