Legislation Presentation (BSHS/406)

Research legislation that impacts modern families in your community. The legislation is not limited to, but can be about, any topics discussed in the course that impact families. Here is the legislation I selected: Child welfare reforms

Texas House passed Senate Bill 11 that would have Texas shift to a “community-based care” model for handling some endangered children and allowing contracted organizations. This bill is to monitor children in foster care and adoptive homes and would give the state the chance to run its foster care system beyond Austin.

Create a 2-3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, illustrating how legislation impacts modern families. Include speaker notes.

Include the following details in your presentation for each law:

  • An introduction naming and describing the legislation
  • Explain how this law impacts families in your community.
  • Where is the legislation located? Is it state or federal legislation?
  • Is the legislation pending or passed?
  • How does this legislation affect human services and/or treatment plans?
  • Conclusion

Include a minimum 3 sources in your presentation. Below is one link about the selected law https://www.texastribune.org/2017/05/18/Texas-House-passes-child-welfare-reforms/

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