SWK 3375 Troy University Barriers to Effective Communication Case Study

* Do not use contractions in this course. Contractions will be counted as grammatical errors.

Clear and professional writing is expected.

Correct = “Do not”, “will not” etc…

Incorrect = “Don’t”, won’t”, etc…

.5 deduction for every 3 grammatical errors.

I will post book pictures

Week 5

Personal and Interpersonal Barriers are addressed beginning on page 47 of the Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence Book.

a). After reading Barriers to Effective Relationships: Case of the Green-Haired People, address ALL SIX Barriers and explain HOW they are evident in the case of the green haired people. (pg. 57).

*Personal/Interpersonal Barriers (1-5)

*Organizational/Institutional Barrier (6)

(6 x .5 = 3)

b). Select 4 of the 6 Barriers and share you own experiences with these barriers. If you have not experienced 4 of these barriers you are to provide examples that apply to the barriers. (Cannot use case of the Green Haired people as examples).

(.25 x 4 = 1 pt.)

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