The Philippine’s Economy Output and Inflation Trends Analysis Essay

Hi again, This assignment is very important assignment it is %35 of my grade, please read the following and let me know if you have any questions 

You have written two reports on the economy for which you have been the desk economist (attached report 1&report 2) and you did report 2:

1. a brief report simply describing the developments of inflation and real GDP since 2000 until the present, and

2. a more technical/econometric study on the determinants of inflation in your country using a model based on an extended version of the Phillips curve model.

These reports were intended for a technically well-trained economist for whom you were expected to give sufficient technical information underlying your analysis that (s)he would be able to judge the reliability of your analysis and conclusions.

In this final assignment you are asked to combine the description, analysis, and conclusions of these two reports in a single report intended to inform your Governor about your project.

Remember that the Governor is knowledgeable and preceptive, but she does not have a formal training in econometrics, and is not necessarily familiar with the jargon used in econometric analysis.

You are therefore not asked to ‘glue’ your two previous reports together, but rather to write a new report about what the Governor needs to know about output and inflation developments in your economy that she can use in her presentation to a meeting of Governors at the BIS. The Governor will almost certainly use the quality of your report in the next meeting of Senior Management that will discuss promotions. Your grade for this final assignment will be judged by the same criteria.

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