SJSU Information Technology Impact on Managerial Accounting Research Paper

Step 1- Choose one topic from below list.

  • Job Order Costing
  • Process Costing
  • Absorption Cost Systems
  • JIT: Just-In-Time production systems
  • ABC: Activity-Based Costing
  • ABM: Activity-Based Management
  • TQM: Total Quality Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Production
  • Balanced Scorecard

Step 2- Write a four (4) – five (5) page double spaced paper in APA format discussing the findings on your specific topic in your own words. Note – paper length does not include cover page or References page.Structure your paper as follows:

a. Cover page

b. Overview describing the importance of the research topic in your own words

c. Purpose of Research of the article in your own words

d. Review of the Literature summarized in your own words

e. Conclusion in your own words

f. Personal Thoughts

g. References

Please Note: The research must be conducted using peer-reviewed trade or academic journals. You are expected to research and write paper summarizing in your own words what you have found on current topics from academic journals and book attached.

Please Note: Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The paper must be written in your own words.

§ Content & Structure : All of the requested components are completed as assigned; content is on topic and related to managerial accounting, critical thinking is clearly demonstrated (no direct quotes – a short definition is allowed); scholarly research is demonstrated; topics and concepts gained from the assigned reading and/or from research is evident.

§ APA Formatting : Cover page, headings, in-text citations, page citations (page number citations required for specific information such as dates, years, list of items from article, names, numbers, statistics, and other specific information), and references are properly formatted.

§ Articles: Articles used are current (published within last five (5) years and are from peer-reviewed journal article publications.

§ Effective Communication: Communication is clear, concise, and well presented; scholarly writing is demonstrated; grammar, sentence structure, writing in third person, and word choice is used correctly.

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