Northeastern University Word Count Using Apache Spark Code File Exam Practice

Read Big Data Processing with Apache Spark – Part 1: Introduction (…) listed in the module resources. Under the section “Sample Spark Application” are instructions to install the JDK and SPARK. Under the “Word Count Application” section are instructions for writing word count code.

  1. Following the instructions provided, install the JDK and SPARK
  2. Following the instructions provided, cache the file
  3. Count the words in the file and answer the set of questions below.
    1. How many times is the word “Hadoop” counted when the tutorial has printed out all the word counts?
    2. Which is the most common word used in the file? How many times does the word occur?
    3. Which word occurs the fewest times? How many time does the word occur?
  4. Then look at the web console (http://<<yourcomputerIPaddress>>:4040/jobs). How many seconds did it take to complete the word count job?

Submit the code, output and explanation of your steps from this assignment below.


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