NSU Business Model Following Barringer & Ireland Template Question

Tasks with Directions

You are required to prepare the main body of a business plan, namely, the business model. You should base your business model on your feasibility analysis and the information you collect after the feasibility analysis is submitted (the questions you HAVE TO KNOW). By using the template (attached file), the business model should include the following 5 components:
Name of the venture
Core strategy: a detailed description of the business mission, target market, product/market scope, and basis of differentiation
Operations: product/service production, channels, and key partners
Resources: key assets and core competency
Financials: revenue stream, cost structure, and financing/fundingPlease be aware that while you are asked to follow the Barringer and Ireland template (attached file), you need to write individual components in paragraphs rather than bullet points in a table. 

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