Colorado State University Weighted Average Method Excel Spreadsheet

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You Got Yogurt, Inc. manufactures yogurt that goes through  three  processing stages prior to completion. Information on work in the first   department, flavor identification and blending, is given below for  November:

   Data on Production:       Pounds in process at November 1; materials 100% complete; conversion 70% complete   3,525       Pounds started into production during November   75,000       Pounds completed and transferred out   ?       Pounds in process, November 30; materials 85% complete; conversion 40% complete   6,100     Data on Costs:       Work in process inventory, November 1: Materials cost   $1,800       Conversion cost   $3,700       Cost added during November: Materials cost   $121,000       Conversion cost   $147,700  

The company uses the weighted-average method.

  Submit your assignment as an Excel spreadsheet document, clearly  organized,  with each tab or section labeled by item number that  demonstrates the  following: 

  1. Compute  the equivalent units of production.
  2. Compute  the costs per equivalent unit for the month.
  3. Determine  the cost of ending work in process inventory and of the units transferred out  to the next department.
  4. Prepare  a cost reconciliation schedule for the month. Below the  schedule, comment on  what the cost reconciliation schedule tells us  about the company’s costs.

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