BIOL 103 UMUC Wk 4 Use of DNA Sequencing Technology Discussion Questions


Week 4

In addition to being essential within living organisms, enzymes are also used in many of the products we use! Check your cleaning supplies at home, do any of them list enzymes on the ingredient list? If so, does it say which type of enzyme? Do any of the other products you use contain enzymes? What type of enzymes are used in industry? Which enzymes are found in the food we eat?   

Personal Response:  You must post a personal response to the discussion. After doing some research, choose and describe one enzyme that is used in cleaning products, other products, industrial procedures or that is found in food. Explain how this enzyme is used. What is the substrate in the enzyme-facilitated chemical reaction? And what is the product(s) in the enzyme-facilitated chemical reaction?  Remember that a chemical reaction converts one or more substrates to one or more products, and that most enzymes are substrate specific. When looking for enzymes remember that their names end with -ase!  Your personal response must be a minimum of 150 words (more is OK) and must address each of the components stated in the prompt.  If any sources for are consulted for the preparation of the personal response or if any material is quoted or referenced in the response, citations (in APA format) for the sources must be included at the end of the personal response.


Week 5

The year 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of DNA sequencing technology (  DNA sequencing has helped us solve crimes, identify and treat diseases, and understand the relationships between organisms and groups of organisms in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.  

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