HCCS Human Genetics and DNA Structure and Function Lab Reports


1. Scientific Skills Exercise: Analyzing Polypeptide Sequence Data.

Read through the Scientific Skills Exercise on page 89.

Answers should be HANDWRITTEN and NOT typed!

Number all questions and answer all 4 questions

Criteria for grading: answers should be complete, original, and correct

2. Interview someone in the job field you are interested in pursuing.

Write a 2-page summary (double spaced) about what you learned from talking to the person you interviewed.

Provide all contact information (email and phone) so that I too may verify you spoke with them.

To receive all credit you must also obtain a letter from them indicating you spoke with them. This letter must be signed by them as well and attached to your paper.

Questions to ask during the interview:

a. Ask them about likes/dislikes of the job.

b. How long have they been in the field?

c. What is the expected starting salary?

d. What the educational requirements?

e. Were they planning on going into that field when they were in college?

3. Criteria for grading: the summary should be 2 pages, interview verifiable and information gathered by the student from the person interviewed should be informative. It should be apparent to your instructor that you learned more about the occupation you are interested in seeking.

Creativity Credit

Make a video (or music video )

At least 3 minutes but no longer than 5 minutes

Try the Writing Center. They have free software for creating video and can help you with this.

Cannot be boring/documentary style

Detailed Painting (framed or on Canvas)

Sculpture (3D using various materials) or Model

Animation (drawings or stop motion)

Comic book (at least 10 pages of quality, ORIGINAL, hand-drawn artwork in color) with captions, word/thought bubbles

Topic Possibilities for Creativity Credit:

Mitosis vs. Meiosis (compare and contrast both, showing how chromosomes are manipulated)

Aerobic Cell Respiration pathway (whole thing including organelles involved)

Photosynthesis (whole thing, including organelles)

Endomembrane System and pathway (include transcription/translation)

General criteria for grading Creativity Credit

Work is NOT rushed and demonstrates substantial effort

Biologically accurate and thus educational

Shows outstanding creativity

Comic books should be in color

Videos should have you present in it (visual or audio) at some point. Dubbing over existing videos not created by you is not allowed.

These cannot be done as group projects

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