Miami Dade College Biology Discussion


This discussion post is an opportunity for you to share your own personal opinion about an issue related to our natural world and as such, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, but just your opinion. Please make sure to take a stand, and substantiate your opinion by:

1) Watching the videos on Costa Rica and Ecotourism on our YouTube folder [found in the Learning Units folder of our course].

2) Providing at least two examples to support your point of view.

3) Providing two examples of how the situation at hand can be improved, controlled and or remedied.

Discussion post topic: Is Ecotoursim good or bad for the environment?

Wikipedia defines ecotourism as “that tourism that involves traveling to relatively undisturbed natural areas with the specific object of studying, admiring and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals, as well as any existing cultural aspects (both past and present) found in these areas. Ecotourism implies a scientific, aesthetic or philosophical approach, although the ‘ecotourist’ is not required to be a professional scientist, artist or philosopher. The main point is that the person who practices ecotourism has the opportunity of immersing him or herself in nature in a way that most people cannot enjoy in their routine, urban existences. This person will eventually acquire a consciousness and knowledge of the natural environment, together with its cultural aspects, that will convert him into somebody keenly involved in conservation issues.”

Your task is to share your point of view as to whether ecotourism is good or bad for the environment. Does ecotourism damages the sites that it pretends to conserve/preserve by bringing thousands of tourists to these sites; or is it beneficial to the environment by raising awareness of our natural environment and bringing much needed socioeconomic stability to the indigenous people at these sites? … You can for example, research the topic of ecotourism in Costa Rica or the galapagos, for example. Please discuss and give examples to support your point of view.

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