Primary Production and Phytoplankton


Answer the question below base on the readings ?Intro to Ocean Sci.:  Ch. 12 (Links to an external site.) (pp 282-292, 298-304) and Critical Concepts 14 and 15

Describe how energy moves through a  food web. Ultimately, where does the energy come from and how is is  transferred or change form?

Name the major nutrients necessary for primary  production in the ocean.  Describe the distribution of nutrients in the  water column, i.e. where does there tend to be lower and higher  concentrations of nutrients.  

Explain why  phytoplankton tend to be smaller, singled celled organisms that are higher in abundance than larger organisms.

Explain what a limiting factor is and what factor(s) limits growth of phytoplankton.

List the major types of phytoplankton.  Explain how phytoplankton differ from zooplankton.

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