Specific Gravity vs Time Discussion


Part I: Create four separate graphs based on the data obtained from Canvas:

  1. Specific Gravity vs. Time (line graph: use data for all groups)
  2. Urine Volume vs. Time (cumulative line graph: use data for all groups) Note: you will have to add the urine volumes together to obtain the cumulative volume (e.g. the cumulative volume at 60 minutes would be the sum of the individual volumes at 20 minutes + 40 minutes + 60 minutes)
  3. Urine Production Rate vs. Time (line graph: use data for all groups)
  4. % return (bar graph: only 500 ml and 1000 ml water loading groups)
  • On each graph include the data supplied by the other groups. (See Canvas)
  • Add a title to each graph
  • Label each group with a distinct symbol
  • Provide a legend for your graph
  • Make sure you label your axes with the correct units (i.e. “Time (minutes)”, “Urine volume (ml)” and “Urine Production Rate (ml/minute).” (Note: Specific gravity has no units)

Part II: Graph summary paragraphs for each of the four graphs.

1. In a separate section under the heading Summary, write a separate one paragraph summary for each of the graphs.

Part III: Submit the four graphs and summary paragraphs as a single document (PDF, Google doc, or Word file) using the submission link in this module.

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