BIOL 1300 Wayland Baptist University Life Science Essay


1. What is asexual reproduction? How is it distinct from sexual reproduction? Pick out two types of asexual reproduction observed in animals that were discussed in class and explain how they work.

2. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that damages the myelin coverings of nerve cells, often resulting in impair motion, coordination, and cognition. Explain the role of myelin in nerve cells and why its loss might cause multiple sclerosis symptoms.

3.Your friend has a really stressful job. Recently your friend has developed digestive issues and you suspect it can be attributed to their high stress work. Explain the function of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and explain how one of those might be contributing to their symptoms.

4. Pick out two sex determination mechanisms (mechanisms that determine gender) discussed in class and explain how they work.

5.Though the heart is often described as a pump, in reality it is more of a dual pump–i.e., it sends blood in two different directions. Why is the heart a dual pump? How does it work and where does the blood go?

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