Biology White Face Capuchin Organism Poster


You will build a multi-media two-page document about your chosen organism (think of it as an informational flyer). You will create this visual as a 2-page document that includes sections of bulleted text, images, photos, captions, maps, etc. The file must be submitted as PDF.

You can think of this as a mini-poster that presents the following information about your species:

  1. It’s taxonomic classification. For example, to what class, order, and family does it belong? What is the scientific name of its genus? Include good photos! What other organisms is it most closely related to? Include a phylogeny!
  2. Where is its geographic distribution (range), that is, in what parts of the world does it live? A map would be useful!
  3. In what kind of habitat does it live, and what does it eat? Does it have any interesting adaptations that allow it to survive where it does? Again, photos!
  4. Information about its natural history: For example, describe any interesting information about its reproductive behavior, its food sources, or talk about any specific, important predators of your species that you can find in your research.
  5. What is its status? That is, is it endangered or threatened with extinction? If so, what causes its problematic status? Show visuals of these threats (as appropriate).
  6. Find and read at least one scholarly article that describes research on your species and include a short section on “Recent Research” that summarizes the research question and what was found. Be sure to include the citation to the paper in this section.

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