Cholera Disease Essay


(cholera disease)  5 pages things it needs to consist of 

The Paper itself (5 pages minimum)

The Paper itself (5 pages minimum)

Introduction (that’s where page counting starts, that is your first page (ex., 1)

That’s where you give an overview of your topic. Don’t go into details (statistics,

graphs etc.) yet. Should not be too long, just as your head is not that big compared to

your body trunk!


That’s where you’re going to elaborate and tell everything you know about the

subject. You can include Graphs, Pictures, Table to exemplify or corroborate what

you are saying. Note that if any of the graph, Picture or Table should NOT more than

half of the page, otherwise this page will not count toward the 5

It’s a summary of the Body or an answer or stretch of the introduction

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