LAPC Data Analysis Excel


We tested the effect of two drugs, ethanol (treatment A) and caffeine (treatment B), on the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans.

Pages 278-280 in the lab manual offer some explanation of confidence intervals and how to interpret them. There is also a video that demonstrates how to graph and interpret confidence intervals for your assignment. 

Please download the excel sheet with the class data: Key – C. elegans.xlsx

Follow along in the excel sheet to calculate averages, standard deviation, and confidence intervals

Graph the averages along with their confidence intervals. 

Then, answer the following questions in a text box on your excel sheet:

What was your hypothesis?

Does the data support your hypothesis? In other words, what were the results of the experiment? To answer this, look at your graph. Is there a significant difference between Drug A and Drug B (do the confidence intervals overlap or not overlap)? Did Drug A have a significant effect? Did Drug B have a significant effect? (Do the confidence intervals extend past 0 or not?) 

If the data does not show significance, why might this be? Was our sample size too small? Did we have trouble consistently counting wiggles? 

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