University of Peshawar Method to Recycle Plastics In the US Graphic

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Instructions: One of the largest problems of current times is plastic waste. Can you think of a method to recycle plastics in the US?

That is your mission.

To head you in the right direction, here is a graphic from a study in Spain (on Blackboard).

You need to produce a graphic of your idea with one perfect sentence describing each step.

I have an idea about recycling plastic, but I do not how to put it graphic from.

Idea 1. the company gives special trash in which the home owns put plastic things. when it gets full. the home owns call the company and the plastic recycle truck comes and picks up the plastic trash. the truck was delivered to the company. where it got a wash and convert into a small part. then some kind of chemicals is added to plastic to get hard like wood. and giving shape like wood. then replacing the wood-used sofa frame with plastic. in this way, we save trees and recycle plastic.


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