BIO 152 GCCCD ?Growth of Microorganisms in A Laboratory Exam

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Bio 152 Exam 1: Lab Stuff Study Guide

1. Be able to describe the steps involved in performing aseptic transfers (ex 1-4)

2. Define the following terms:

a. Culture

b. Medium

c. Inoculate

d. Contaminate

e. Pure culture



g. sterile

3. Be able to locate the following on a compound microscope (see microscopy lab

supplement doc on Canvas):

a. Arm

b. Oculars

c. Course adjustment knob

d. Fine adjustment knob

e. Objective lenses



g. Iris diaphragm

h. Condenser position adjustment knob




Light source

k. Illumination control knob



4. Know how to calculate the total magnification for each of the objective lenses (10x, 20x,

40x, 100x) on our microscope (exercise 3-1 and microscopy lab supplement doc on


5. When given the Field of View (FOV) Diameter for a particular objective, be able to

estimate the size of a specimen (see microscopy lab supplement doc on Canvas).

6. Know how and when to clean the microscope, how to store the microscope, and how to

focus the microscope. (exercise 3-1 and microscopy lab supplement doc on Canvas).

7. What did you observe with the appearance of the “e” slide under the microscope?

When the stage moves to the right, the image moves _______? When the stage moves

toward you, the image moves ______? (exercise 3-1 p 149)

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