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Week 3 Detailed Project Outline

Detailed Project Outline (ProjOutline) (Week 3)

Each student is expected to ask questions at the Kickoff Meeting to improve their understanding of the client’s business and expectations of the team. Each student is expected to contribute their notes from the kickoff meeting and post them in the Collaborative Documents area in their Study Group not later than one day after the Kickoff Meeting in order to prepare the Detailed Project Outline.

At the end of Week 3 each team will submit a 2-3 page project outline in your study group’s conference area and in each team member’s Assignment Folder.

This outline should be based on the notes taken from your initial meetings with the company you are working with and should summarize the team’s understanding of their client’s business and technology.

What we will look for:

· outline the goal of the project you are working on and describe the objectives in sufficient detail to demonstrate an understanding

· provide a very brief background about the company you are working with and how this project fits into their overall research/business strategy

· a description of the updated objectives you have agreed on with the company and the research required to achieve these goals, including tools/resources to be used and any anticipated problems which may need to be addressed

· clearly assign each component of work to a team member and show that the project work has been equitably distributed amongst the team. Provide sufficient detail so it is clear how this breaks down to sub-projects

· a timeline of milestones towards meeting each objective

The project outline should be prepared in the same way as a standard UMUC written assignment and appropriately referenced if needed. If information is commercially sensitive and is subject to a CDA/NDA that should also be acknowledged.

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