Climate change Article Critique



For this assignment, you will read a recent article on climate change and critique it based on your understanding of ecological principles (Course Objective # 10). It does not matter where the article is published, but it should be an article that presents information and makes a logical argument based on that evidence.


Please note that discussion initial posts and discussion participation have different due dates. The initial posts are due earlier, so the class has enough time to review and comment on the posts. This is to ensure that you are fully engaged in discussions, as you would be in a live classroom. Please find the due dates for discussion initial posts and discussion participation in the Course Summary section of the Syllabus.

  1. Select an article and, if you have any doubts whether it is an appropriate choice for this assignment, email the link to the article or a PDF of the article to your instructor for approval (optional).
  2. Read the article thoroughly and make notes.


Please click the Reply button below to submit your initial post, and then participate in the discussion. You can also find the discussion forum by clicking the Discussions link in Course Navigation.

Part 1: Initial Post – The Review

Make an initial post including the following information:

  • State the publication information including article title, publication date, and author’s name. If possible, include a web link to the article. (3 points)
  • Summarize the article’s main point and the author’s point of view. (5 points)
  • Summarize the evidence provided. (5 points)
  • Compare the article’s points to ecological principles. (5 points)

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