FDU Biology Checking the DNA Sequence of Various Animals Lab Report


  1. Proficiency in scientific process (lab reports): 

(a) Write a report for each of the experiments (word file, a scaffold with experiments corresponding to each section will be provided initially). Upload the section report to Webcampus course assignments

(b) Create a (ONE) summary post-lab slide (power point file) of each report (each experiment). Add to each of the summary, in the post-lab slide, a summative statement (1 sentence) and one external image/illustration (of the concept/rationale or technique). Collate the post-lab slides belonging to each section to one file, upload on webcampus at the same time as the section report. Present each of the post-lab slides, with focus on the summative statement and external image, and an additional overall summative statement that includes all the experiments corresponding to the section. 

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