Mammals Evolutionary Radiations of Animals Paper


Bio 3 Organism Project

Pick one specific organism within the of the following group (NO dogs, cats, and pets):

for example if you choose the category of birds then pick a specific type of bird such as an Emu or a red tailed hawk, etc…

Find something that you want to learn more about!

  1. Bacteria
  2. Archaea
  3. Protists
  4. Plants
  5. Fungi
  6. Cnidarians
  7. Mammals
  8. Birds
  9. Fish
  10. Reptiles

Or pick one of these ecological topics:

  1. Terrestrial Biomes
  2. Aquatic Biomes
  3. Restoration Ecology
  4. Human effect on ecosystem
  5. Active projects to clean the planet
  6. Water crisis in California
  7. Human overpopulation and it’s effect on the ecosystem

Write a one page (single spaced) paper on the organism or topic that you have chosen.

Include the following:

1: Introduction to organism or topic

2: Background information (Phylum and


  • If organism
    • Autotroph? Heterotroph? Both?
    • Body structures that allow for energy acquisition
    • Sexual vs asexual reproduction
    • Organism size
  • If topic
    • How does energy flow through?
    • Organisms involved
    • Effect on ecosystem
    • Human effect on it

4: Ecology

  • Habitat of group or organism
  • Where in food chain?
  • Any endangered species?
  • Adaptations in their environment
  • Effect on environment

5: Interesting facts

  • Future studies!

6: References

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