Wilkes University Biology Herbal Medicine Essay


Herb task:

Choose a medicinal herb (for our purposes, any plant used medicinally) to learn more about.This would be some portion of a plant that is purported to better the health of the human body.Write a  paper that answers the following:

What is the history of the medicinal use of the herb?

Has the plant been used by native or aboriginal peoples?

Has it been used for pre-modern medicine (1600-1900)?

Has there been any scientific research on the claims of the herb?

  • Find actual scientific studies from journal articles 

NOT reports on websites

  • Minimally you should have two scientific studies
  • Can either support or not support its use
  • What are the potential dangers of the herb?

Dangerous side-effects?

Lack of efficacy?

  • Interactions with other drugs?

Knowing what you do after this research, would you yourself take this herb if your health warranted it?

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