Arizona Academy of Beauty North Microbes Discussion


Go to the web link that says microbe link. If you cannot open the link, here is the website If this website is not accessible from ecampus then type “microbes maketh man” in google and access the article on the “Economist” webpage. Also try using firefox if you cannot access the article through internet explorer. Read the article carefully and then answer the following questions.

  1. Explainthestatementwhenscientistssaythat“peoplearenot people, but an awful lot of microbes too”.
  2. Contrarytothegeneralopinionthatbacteriaaremostlyharmful, there are many examples of beneficial bacteria. In this article from “the economist” we can understand the many ways in which bacteria that live in and on our body help us. State three ways in which bacteria help us that the article mentions.
  3. Whenthemicrobialpopulationinourhumanbodychangesitcan lead to a number of problems. What are some of the diseases associated with a changing microbial population?
  4. Whatisa“stooltransplant”?Whatdiseasecanbetreatedwitha stool transplant?
  5. Thinkingofpeopleassuperorganismswouldhavemajorimpact on two areas namely medicine and genetics. Explain

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