National University Meiosis and Mitosis Poster


Main factors to consider when choosing information:

Find the most important highlights of your topic (no need to be too detailed as you already presented them the previous weeks

Consider any suggestions or questions during the past 2 weeks

Visual impact: you want to draw your audience’s attention

  • Finding a right balance between text and graphics
  • Posting instructions
  • Use a powerpoint slide or a google presentation slide. You will be using ONE slide only as a digital poster. You can download one of the attached templates and edit it, or start from scratch. I recommend you start with a Layout that has Title and Content, and then just add more content by inserting Textboxes, Pictures, Tables etc.
  • Your font cannot be smaller than 9.

Avoid long sentences and use bullet points or lists.

Avoid also too flashy templates and overwhelming figures. Balance is the key.

Color: be creative but avoid too harsh colors for background, or too light colors for text.

  • What to post
  • By now you probably have lots of information available. So the main challenge here is to summarize. Think about a graphic elevator speech- what are the main points I want to get across to my audience?
  • Sections of the poster:
  • Background: you will define/summarize your topic.

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