The Application of DNA Cloning Essay


Molecular biology. They range from cloning to gene therapy, genetic engineering, PCR, genomic libraries, to proteomics and genomics, to name only a few.

1. Title

You have considerable flexibility for the essay title. Although it should convey to some degree what the essay is about, you can use evocative sentences or statements.

2. Introduction

This should be one paragraph in which you arouse the reader’s interest. The thesis statement (one sentence) should be included in the introductory paragraph and underlined or otherwise highlighted. Remember that throughout the rest of the essay, you will argue in support of that thesis statement.

3. Body of the text

List your arguments in support of the thesis statement paragraph by paragraph. Include literature citations, following CSE style in this section. Any information that you present that does not represent common knowledge should be referenced in the same sentence using CSE style.

Each paragraph of the body should clearly convey only one argument in support of the thesis statement.

4. Conclusion

Briefly summarize your arguments in support of the thesis statement, write some concluding remarks and provide an outlook.

5. References

Provide a minimum of three external references in support of the thesis statement; also include the textbook as a reference. Use CSE style for the citations in the text and for the references in this section. Remember that science writing paraphrases without using direct quotes. (review Section 7 in the How to write Lab Reports section of the Home Lab Manual.)

Examples of thesis statements

Here are some sample thesis statements. You are by no means expected to use these examples unless you are confident you can find literature in support of them:

Genetic engineering will revolutionize modern medicine because all genetic diseases can be cured through somatic gene therapy.

Genetically modified food will eradicate hunger and famines because transgenic crops will result in a major increase in world food production.

Genetic engineering is inherently dangerous because of concerns for human health, threats to native ecosystems and the development of global monopolies in the pharmaceutical and the crop industry.

Note that all three sample thesis statements above clearly make distinct assertions that can be (ideally) backed up by appropriate literature references.

Since thesis statements to some degree reflect personal opinions, you will not be graded on the content of your thesis statement, but on its effectiveness (it should be free of ambiguity and vagueness). If you have issues coming up with a strong thesis statement, you may contact your Academic Expert.

Revising your essay

Essays cannot be written overnight. When you revise your first draft, consider the following main questions.

  • Does the main body of the essay provide strong arguments that support the thesis statement and are backed by citations?
  • Are the paragraphs of the main body logically arranged, and does each paragraph provide only one argument in support of the thesis statement?
  • Did you provide a strong thesis statement in the introductory paragraph?
  • Did you demonstrate knowledge of applied molecular biology (proteomes, genomes, DNA Technologies) as it relates to the essay topic?
  • Does the concluding paragraph summarize your main arguments and provide an outlook?
  • Does the introduction arouse the reader’s interest?
  • Are your paragraphs connected in a logical flow of arguments?

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