BSC 1005 Broward College Diffusion and Osmosis Worksheet


In this assignment, you will apply what you learned about cell transport (diffusion and osmosis) to the overconsumption of water in real life. The assignment consists of a worksheet entitled “Diffusion and Osmosis Worksheet” that is attached to this assignment. Download the worksheet file and answer all of the questions as you proceed. 

Part 1 – Cell Transport Structures 

Follow this link ( to the interactive cell tool hosted by Click on “Launch” to open the tool. Click on each of the structures and move substances to discover more about them. Use what you learn to answer and fill out the tables provided. 

Part 2 – Reflection on ” Can you drink too much water?”

First, go through the short article attached to this assignment entitled “Ask Well: Can you drink too much water?” After you’ve read the article, respond to both of the prompts on the Diffusion and Osmosis worksheet using the information you have learned about Osmosis from the course. Your response should be approximately a paragraph in length and address all of the questions asked. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar. 

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