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Biology 3A Annotated Bibliography

Your assignment is to find a minimum of two to three primary literature papers in the area of growing up white mushrooms using a light. This will give you insight into the background material for your potential project and assist you in formulating a testable hypothesis – a tentative explanation to your question. This is what makes a hypothesis an “educated guess.” Your primary literature papers must be related to
that single topic area. You will actually use these papers to write the Introduction and Discussion for your final paper, so search carefully and find good references. Knisely (2017 or 2013) has an excellent discussion of searching for primary literature (Chapter 2).

The format for the citations in the annotated bibliography must include:
1. Full citation of the paper (name-year system – this means all papers should be in
alphabetical order. Please see Knisely for format information)
2. Brief statement of the hypothesis tested by the author(s).
3. Brief statement of the outcome of the research.

1) Please turn in a PDF of your bibliography. Name your file with your “lastname_firstname.pdf”
2) Please provide a PDF of each journal article cited.

Literature Cited
Knisely, K. (2013) A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology, Fourth Edition. Wm. H. Freeman, New

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