Thomas Nelson Community College Biotechnology in the Real World Discussion


For your main post, I would like you to do an internet search of interesting biotechnology research that is being performed. Once you have found an interesting topic, please find an article from a REPUTABLE source that discusses this topic. Please summarize the key points of the topic/research and briefly describe the science behind it. I have provided a list of potential topics below that you are welcome to choose from, or you can search for your own topic. Please make sure to include proper references and in-text citations in APA format (150 word minimum).

Possible topics (or choose your own):

  • Tuberculosis sniffing mice
  • Bacteria-powered batteries
  • Interference inkjet printing
  • Chewing gum sensors
  • Chili peppers kill cancer
  • Nicotine-eating bacteria
  • Algae sunscreen
  • Gelatin clothing
  • Programmable DNA GPS
  • Harvesting water from air
  • Loofah batteries
  • Espresso machines for chemistry
  • Seaweed to combat food allergy
  • Snake venom for surgery
  • Silk batteries
  • Energy generating cloth
  • Bug eye reflective signs
  • Diabetes breathalyzer
  • Skin pigment to strengthen fabric

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