High Blood Pressure Discussion Questions


Choose ONLY TWO from the topics below:

Discussion Question 1: Talk about the relatedness of animals and their structures. Do you think we are more closely related to a bird or a frog? Why do animals look the way they do? Explain

Discussion Question 2: Considering gas exchange (inhale, exhale, blood gasses moving around an organism) why aren’t insects as large as elephants?

Discussion Question 3: What kind of advice would you give to a friend who has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure? Relate your advice in laypersons’ terms to the structures and functions found in the circulatory system.

Discussion Question 4: What surprised, interested, or intrigued you most about this chapter? Will you look at animals differently now that you are more knowledgeable about structure and function?

Discussion Question 5:Do you remember the old adage……. you are what you eat? Do you agree or disagree and why?

Discussion Question 6: Other animals besides humans are able to control their eating in nature. Elk will feed for a limited number of minutes at one grazing area and then move on to another and another. They continue this until they have the daily nutrients they require. Do you think that humans, even children, if left on their own would select foods that are nutritional and would support a healthy diet? Why or why not? Consider what your ancestors would have eaten and what you put on your plate. (This does not mean if given the option of fries (fast foods) versus raw carrots. This means if the choice is between foods found naturally. For instance would kids eat only berries?)

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