MCC Use of Radiations in Prostate Cancer Treatment Discussion


1. Search the internet for ANY story, news blurb, journal article, etc.. ABOUT radiation ( any type) and cancer ( any type). The article can be about a type of radiation causing a particular cancer, or radiation as a treatment.

2. Read the information presented.

3. Write at least 1 paragraph ( four to five sentences ) summarizing in your own words the main point or general idea of the article/ story/ new blurb.

4. Post the link, your summary, and the answers to the questions below on the ” Assignment 3: Radiation and cancer” discussion board

Do you believe the information? Does the article convince you that there is a link between the radiation presented and cancer? Do you think the information presented is based on fictional evidence ( is it a scare tactic)? Is there any merit or scientific evidence? Do you feel the general public would “believe” the information? Any other thoughts you may have about the information presented?

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