PBSC Biology Produce Are Often Sprayed with Water Chapter 7 Discussion


Chapter 7.10 – Chapter 7 Discussion

In the supermarket, lettuce and other produce are often sprayed with water. Explain why this makes vegetables crisp

Begin contributing to the discussions as soon as you study Chapter 7 materials.

Read and evaluate at least two of your peer’s postings and compose substantial in-depth responses for both. 

Include examples in your discussion.

Use APA guidelines to cite references.

Correct grammar and spelling are required.

How to Participate:

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Two of my post classmates

1 one of them says – Kathleen – The water is hypotonic to the plant cells, so the plant cells absorb the water. Thus, the cells of the vegetable do not begin plasmolyzing (when the plant cell shrivels, and its plasma membrane pulls away from the wall) This causes the vegetable to stay crisp. Vegetables that don’t have some sort of skin to keep water in (Like a potato or an onion) need to constantly be sprayed because they have nothing to keep the water in. Taken from the website Indiana Public Media: “When plants lose more water than they take in, they wilt and eventually die… In the grocery store, plants have no way to absorb water naturally from the ground. So they need to be sprayed to keep them from wilting.” Glass, D. (n.d.). Watering the vegetables. A Moment of Science – Indiana Public Media. Retrieved May 23, 2022, from https://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/watering-the-vegetables.php#:~:text=When%20plants%20lose%20more%20water,to%20keep%20them%20from%20wilting. 

2 and another of the classmates says – Marcos – 

In the supermarket, lettuce and other produce are often sprayed with water because the concentration of water outside the produce will increase therefore water inside the produce will stay fresh for longer period. Vegetables are usually sprayed with water to keep the water contained within. “Produce is sprayed with water to keep it hydrated and fresh. Without this “misting”, many types of vegetables would wilt and lose their crispness. While in the soil, fruits and vegetables are hydrated naturally through osmosis since water is vital for some biological processes such as the transport and absorption of nutrients. Once they have been harvested, they will lose their freshness, attractiveness, and crispness if they are not regularly sprayed with water” https://thegrocerystoreguy.com/why-is-produce-sprayed-with-water-in-the-grocery-store/. “Turgor pressure in a plant cell pushes the cytoplasm against the nonliving cell wall. The water pressure dries out the cells and the vegetables as a whole. The vegetable dries out and becomes more flaccid. When water is sprayed on the vegetables it diffuses on the cell wall meaning that the water goes from an area of high concentration which is outside of the cell, to an area of low concentration which is inside the cell, through a selectively permeable membrane” https://ask8d5.weebly.com/f-based-on-what-you-have-learned-about-osmosis-explain-why-grocery-stores-spray-their-vegetables-with-water.html.

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