Photosynthesis Paper



In this activity, you will graph experimental data relating to how seedlings grow in conditions of light versus dark. Go to the links to files below to find the experimental data in the Excel file titled seedling data chart and the file with instructions on how to create your graph.

First, read the full instructions in “Seedling Growth Response to Light Level Procedure,” Seedling experimental procedure.docx (Links to an external site.). This describes how the experimental data was collected and is useful for developing your hypothesis.

Then, develop a hypothesis for what you think would happen if you followed the procedure above.

Next, examine this data set: seedling data chart.xlsx (Links to an external site.).

  1. Once you have examined the data, create a graph in Excel by following the instructions for graphing, Excel Instructions-graphing.docx (Links to an external site.).

Provide your hypothesis and your graph in a single document and name it as “Mod2-Activity-Your Initials”.

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