Art history Class

I need to write an essay about art history class. The professor lets us go to gallery appreciate the artwork. I post everything on file, which is professor given me. so you can check it, the words no less 800

Art history Class
EXTRA CREDIT ESSAY PAPER Attend the art opening at the Schelfhaudt Gallery on March 29th at 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm The paper is due: April. 28th. Please turn in the paper to Canvas. Choose one or two artworks that are in the current exhibition in the Schelfhaudt Gallery. What category of Art History is the painting or sculpture being long to? Look in your textbook and identify historically analyze and classify the artwork. Prove that it belongs to a specific era in Art History (Post-Impressionism, Realism, Romantics). Discuss the similarities and differences using vocabulary we’ve learned this semester as well as from the textbook glossary. DIRECTIONS: PLEASE GO AND SEE THE SHOW IN PERSON: *Write No more than one in half pages in length. (Introduction, body, and conclusion) *Cover page (with photo), *One Footnote page. Three footnotes from three different sources. (Example: artist webpage, art magazines, art blogs, and textbook) Footnote example: “Quoted sentence”. 1) Title of site, website address “PICASSO in Paris” In Fine Arts Almanac, (25 March 2001). *Highlight or underline Art Terms Your paper should include: Bio of the Artist, Visual Analysis, Historical Classification Some of this paper concentrates on Visual Analysis and discussing what you see when you look at the work of art. What category of art history does the artwork belong to? (Pop Art, Cubism, Surrealism, contemporary, modern). What were the artist of (fill in the blank) concerned with? Concentrate on the basic elements of Art: line, color, form, size, texture, and hue. Make sure you use plenty of Art Terms. Try asking yourself some of the following questions: What colors are used in the artwork? Do the colors influence the effect the piece has on the viewer? How big is the work? Describe the composition symmetrical, asymmetrical, what are the forms like? Angular, biomorphic, geometric, what is the medium of the work? How does that influence the total effect of the piece? Where is the work located in the gallery? How is it hung or displayed? How do you feel when you look at the piece? What do you think the intentions of the artist were? Do you think the artist got his message across to his audience? Use artist website and go to the artist statement to read why they create what they do. Use textbook to help with reference. These are just a few questions you might ask yourself to help get started.

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