History Of Supernatural Literature

Research question. Write a 6 page essay outlining the growth of gothic literature from the victorian era to the present . (Format Apa )

History of the supernatural literature




History of Supernatural Literature

Literature is a form of art that captures the human aspects of the human life through beautiful and articulate expressions. It characterized by its permanence, the tendency to outlive the authors. There are numerous genres of literature; however focus is emphasized on supernatural literature. The style entails utilization of extraordinary situations to explain the inner fears and emotions of the world. According to Cavalier, the genre explores the physiological aspects of the human life (Cavalier, 1995). The sentiments echoed by Aristotle, who stated that: “Literature is more serious in explaining philosophy than history” (Cavalier, 1995) Supernatural literature as a genre receives the most praises in its ability to stir imagination among individuals.

Exploration of literature requires an understanding of the distinct characteristics it poses as compared to other genres. Understanding the traits of the writing allows more enjoyment of the artistic work, a fact emphasized by one of the greatest writers of supernatural literature, Regor Ascham. He stated that to achieve a child’s interest in learning one should not begin with what the child dislikes (Cavalier, 1995). Therefore, a study of the history of literature and particular the weird genre elevates our understanding of the beautiful artistic work.

The document thus explores the development of supernatural literature from the prehistoric times to the present day.  It evaluates the changes that have occurred to the genre with the passage of time and how the ancient writers have influenced the current forms of supernatural literature. Additionally, the document reveals the most influential authors who contributed to the growth of the genre. It briefly evaluates the works that have played a critical factor in the evolution of supernatural literature.

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